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Our Fairy Tutu Dresses are a part of the Fabulous Loops Collection and are made with some of the softest materials including: acrylic and polyester blends, with some natural elements such as bamboo, cotton, and mohair.  We also make sure to add a little sparkle to these dresses that include metallic, sequins and fairy dust.  We also use 100% nylon tulle on our dresses, and some polyester tulle to add some extra sparkle and fluff to our Fabulous Dresses.  This dress is about 12" from neck to waist with some stretch and about 31" waist line with a little stretch.  The skirt is about 26" in length.  


Note: Dresses are custom made and will not fit the same for everyone, measurments are to help give a general idea and are not exact as material stretches and fits differently on everyone. 


  • Item materials are machine washable, but not recommended.


    Recommended: Spot Clean

  • We will notify you within 10 days through email if item is eligible for return.  If item is eligible for return buyer will only be able to exchange for item of similar price.


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