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It's official Summer is here! We love summer time from the long warm days to the soft cool starry nights. We love to flaunt our stuff from our cute fringe shorts to our colorful crop-tops with our sun-kissed skin, but what is the one thing that can ruin your summer ambiance? it is dry, cracked skin! Here are a couple of tips to your perfect summer glow!

First things first always! ALWAYS! carry lotion with you in your purse, and make sure to pick a soft summer scent or even a subtle fruity scent, NOT the fragrance you wear to your husbands company Christmas party!


Mojave Desert!

keep your feet moisturized at all times! there is nothing worse than seeing a cute pair of sandals on someone and there feet look like the Mojave desert! Here is a great tip to help keep your feet looking soft and smooth. Thoroughly rub your favorite lotion on your feet then put socks on before you go to bed. If your like me and you don't like to wear socks to bed then after you have rubbed your favorite lotion on your feet put socks on for at least a half an hour and that will help keep the moisture in and settle into the dry areas of your feet.

Finally! here is the best tip of all! To find the best lotions for your skin, shop at your local farmers market for handmade BODY BUTTERS and LOTIONS because they make most of their products with all natural ingredients and use more of the skin healing properties than you will find at your big box stores. It may be a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it!

I hope you have found this to be useful and helpful. All the information in this article is my opinion and are in no way to guarantee you rapid results it is simply a guideline to help you from my experiences with different lotions and what has helped me personally.

You deserve to be Fabulous!

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